As with any fitness program, you should check with your doctor to make sure you do not have any health issue that would prevent you from starting an exercise program. Having said that, there are no minimum fitness requirements to get started with CrossFit. You do not have to “get in shape” before starting CrossFit. You will get in shape by attending CrossFit classes.

The CrossFit program is centered around enhancing functional movement so it is appropriate for children and seniors as much as it is for the average adult. Workouts are scaled per fitness level so an elite athlete and a “newbie” can both get a fantastic workout. Girls/women will not get “big muscles” as one would see in a bodybuilding program. CrossFit is all about getting stronger and more flexible.

You may have noticed that CrossFit is more expensive than a 24 hour fitness gym. KQCF is not a 24 hour “keycard” gym. You attend structured classes (see the schedule tab for specific class times) and have certified instructors guiding you through the movements to enhance your progress as well as prevent injury. If you sign up for personal training sessions at a 24 hour gym, you will be paying much more than you will at a CrossFit gym.

Come in to KQCF and attend a class. The first one is free. You will see why CrossFit is the best value in fitness!

For more detailed information on classes, email